Cantando canzoni — Singin’ songs


Che bella serata, domenica! Ci sono venuti a trovare due ragazzi olandesi, Robin e Saniye, che sono tornati due sere consecutive. La seconda ci hanno detto che erano un duo musicale… Detto fatto! Tiriamo fuori le chitarre e, con il pubblico dei nostri clienti presenti, si sono messi a cantare SPLENDIDAMENTE, accompagnati a volte da Armando, altre volte da me (con il pepe…). 

Insomma, una splendida serata! Attendiamo che ci mandino i video, per poi condividerli con tutti voi!




What a night, sunday night! Two dutch guys, Robin and Saniye, came twice to eat in the Taverna. The second time, they told us they were a duo… Obviously we immediately took the guitars, and, with our customers as crowd, they started playing GREATLY!

They had, as special guests, Armando in some songs, and me in others (with pepper…). 

 As I said: WHAT A NIGHT! We are waiting their email with the videos and pictures, so that we can share with all of you!



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  1. Hi musical friends in Venice,
    How are you?
    Do you remember last year at the Taverna: we came for dinner and started singing and playing the guitar. That was a great evening I often think of. This year we go back to Italy, by car. We would like te travel towards Roma and Napoli. Maybe we come to you aswell for a delicious meal and a big smile first…
    I hope you are doing well!
    Greetings from Hollanda, Robin and Saniye

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